France: Bordeaux

Entre-Deux-Mers, Bourg and Blaye

Between the rivers and the Côtes
By Jane Anson

This Guide was last updated on 03 March 2010
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Main appellations


Appellation applies to dry whites only.

Côtes de Bordeaux

For reds, rosés and sweet whites - predominately red wine production, with also a significant amount of rosé. This appellation is split into Côtes de Bordeaux: Blaye, Côtes de Bordeaux: Cadillac (formerly Premières Côtes de Bordeaux), Côtes de Bordeaux: Francs and Côtes de Bordeaux: Castillon.


Small AC in the Premières Côtes de Bordeaux for full-bodied sweet whites.


Small sweet white wine appellation just north of Loupiac.

Sainte Croix de Mont

Most important and most interesting AC for sweet whites in the region situated on well-drained gravel soils. Produces concentrated sweet wines, mainly with botrytized grapes.

Côtes de Bourg

Mainly red wine production although a little white is also produced. This remains separate from the other Côtes de Bordeaux appellations.


Generic appellation for reds, rosés and whites (mostly dry) for the whole region.

Bordeaux Supérieur

Covering the same area as the basic Bordeaux AC but with an extra half degree of alcohol and lower yields.

Crémant de Bordeaux

A very small amount of sparkling wine is made under this appellation. The majority of grapes must be from the main Bordeaux varieties and 100% from the Bordeaux AC area. The Traditional Method (bottle fermentation) is used.

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