France: Bordeaux

Saint Emilion and area

Saint Emilion, its satellites and Côtes de Castillon and Francs
By Jane Anson

This Guide was last updated on 22 March 2010
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Other interesting shops

Macaroon shops

Address: 33330 Saint Emilion

Macaroons are a speciality of Saint Emilion. Made from an 18th century recipe, they are a delicious mixture of egg whites, sugar and crushed almonds. The most famous is Madame Gachet on Rue Guadet, opposite L'Essentiel wine bar, but my favourite shop is right next to L’Envers du Décor restaurant, on Rue de Clocher. However, no need to search too widely; they seem to be sold from innumerable shops around every corner of the town.

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