France: Burgundy

Côte de Beaune

Wines from the southern part of the Côte d'Or
By Russell Hone and Jean-Pierre Renard

This Guide was last updated on 27 April 2011
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Fromagerie Hess

Address: 7 Place Carnot, 21200 Beaune
Tel: 03 80 22 90 70  Fax: 03 80 24 68 79
Geo-coordinates:  Latitude: 47:1:20N (47.02215)     Longitude: 4:50:18E (4.83823)  

A magnificent and unique shop for ‘real’ cheese lovers, run by Alain Hess and located in the main town square. The Fromagerie Hess offers no less than 100 goats’ cheeses and 400 cows’ milk cheeses, all matured here. There is also a selection of wines, teas, coffees and more. You can arrange to have a tutored tasting of ten cheeses with a wine chosen from their shop.

Useful information: Cheese tasting by appointment only, cost €10 per person.

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