France: Burgundy

Heart of Beaujolais

Southern crus and communes from Lancié to Tarare
By Michael Edwards

This Guide was last updated on 26 April 2011
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Domaine Rolland

Address: 69460 Brouilly
Tel: 04 74 06 47 60 
Geo-coordinates:  Latitude: 46:6:21N (46.10576)    Longitude: 4:38:49E (4.64707) 

This leading family domaine in the hands of the Champier family for five generations, makes the most natural and authentic Brouilly available. The Champiers use a special type of pre-fermentation method – called Pied de Cuve - which ensures the wine’s genuineness. It consists of picking the ripest grapes a few days before the official start of the vintage. A whole grape fermentation of about 2000 litres makes up this ‘mini’ cuvée. It’s this juice that is drawn off and then kept to inseminate the natural wild yeasts from the grape skins into the main cuvées as they come into the vat-house: a measure of this ‘must’ will be poured over of each of the cuvées and this helps trigger the fermentation. This system though not entirely avoiding the use of commercial yeasts, but does at least keep it to a minimum – to the greater natural benefit and preservation of the essential character of each individual wine as it is made.

Useful information: The phone number given above is for appointments, which must be made with Pierre Ferraud et Fils (see above).


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