France: Champagne

Around Reims

The city of Reims and the Montagne de Reims
By Tom Stevenson and Michael Edwards

This Guide was last updated on 25 June 2010
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Places to eat

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Bistrot Henri IV

Address: 29 Rue Henri IV, 51100 Reims
Tel: 03 26 47 56 22 
Geo-coordinates:  Latitude: 49:15:35N (49.25984)     Longitude: 4:1:51E (4.03073)  

Behind the Petit Comptoir (which was good fun when it was first opened, but has become so commercial that it now even sells advertising space on the slip covers of the chairs!) is one of the places that Champagne executives inhabit when they are not dining out on expenses. Speciality bistro cooking, particularly focussed on meat. Sells lots of Champagne.

Useful information: Cost around €15-€25. Opened lunchtime only except Friday and Saturday evenings. Closed all day Sunday and Monday.

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