France: Champagne

The Aube

The Southern Champagne Vineyards
By Tom Stevenson and Michael Edwards

This Guide was last updated on 24 June 2010
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Champagne Serge Mathieu

Address: 6 Rue des Vignes, 10340 Avirey Lingey
Tel: 03 25 29 32 58  Fax: 03 25 29 11 57
Geo-coordinates:  Latitude: 48:1:48N (48.02990)    Longitude: 4:17:35E (4.29307) 

Relatively-speaking a tad expensive for the Aube, but cheap for the intrinsic quality, Champagne Serge Mathieu are so beautifully produced and possess such elegant fruit and finesse that they are known as the "Billecart-Salmon of grower Champagnes". Serge is still around, but the day to day operation is very much in the hands of his daughter Isabelle and her husband Michel Jacob. A boutique Champagne produced from impeccably maintained vineyards.


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