France: Corsica

Northern Corsica

Wine regions of Calvi, Patrimonio and the Cap Corse
By Tom Fiorina

This Guide was last updated on 18 July 2013
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Clos Culombu

Address: Chemin San Pedro, 20260 Lumio
Tel: 04 95 60 70 68  Fax: 04 95 60 63 46
Geo-coordinates:  Latitude: 42:33:42N (42.561667)    Longitude: 8:50:38E (8.843958) 

Paul Suzzoni, brother of the current owner Etienne Suzzoni, began Clos Culombu in 1973. The 60-ha vineyard, which is part of a 154-ha property, faces south towards the Gulf of Calvi with a backdrop of the 2,000-metre-high Monte Grosso. Another imposing figure here, Etienne Suzzoni is certainly the tallest Corsican I've ever encountered and wouldn’t look out of place on a NBA basketball team. He is the chairman of the regional chamber of commerce, and a rare Corsican winemaker who is interested in marketing. A new wine cellar, which wouldn’t look out of place at an international airport, is going up alongside the vineyard. The building’s immense cantilevered roof will be covered in solar panels, producing enough electricity to heat 180 homes. As his wine cellar doesn’t need this much energy, he’ll be selling most of it back to the EDF, the French electric utility. There are five different types of stainless steel fermentation tanks, depending on the style of wine to be made. Operated with a computer, Suzzoni jokes that he’ll soon be able to punch down caps, control a malolactic fermentation and pump over the wine without leaving his chair. The Clos Culombo wines are good, albeit in an easy-drinking international style.

Useful information: May – August, Monday- Saturday 09.30-19.00 (20.00 in July/August), and Sundays 10.30–13.00 and 15.00–18.00. For the rest of the year, office hours or by appointment.


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