France: Corsica

Southern Corsica

Wine regions of Ajaccio, Sartène, Figari and Porto-Vecchio
By Tom Fiorina

This Guide was last updated on 18 July 2013
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Brasserie Kosten

Address: Les 4 Portes, 20137 Porto-Vecchio
Tel: 04 95 70 20 50 
Geo-coordinates:  Latitude: 41:35:57N (41.59924)    Longitude: 9:16:30E (9.27505) 

Trendy, with lots of glass and monochromatic, shiny surfaces, the minimalist Brasserie Kosten sits in a non-descript shopping centre that could be anywhere from California to Sweden. In fact the name and design have a decidedly Nordic feel to them. Not really in keeping with ultra-Mediterranean Corsica, and I probably wouldn’t have chosen this brasserie to eat at, if not for 1) the price, in comparison to the majority of Porto-Vecchio restaurants, is reasonable, 2) several year-long residents of Porto-Vecchio had recommended it, and 3) almost everything else was closed because it was off-season. The food is very international: lots of pasta, with a wide choice of sauces; a wide variety of grilled fish; and multitudes of salads. I’m certain in the summer that it’s filled with Italians, who favour the eastern shore of the island, particularly Porto-Vecchio and its surrounding beaches. Another reason I selected to eat here is that they offer Clos Canarelli (see 'Wine Producers') wine by the glass, permitting you to sample a variety of his white and red vintages.

Useful information: Menus: €25. Main courses: €12 - €25. Credit cards accepted.

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