France: Corsica

Southern Corsica

Wine regions of Ajaccio, Sartène, Figari and Porto-Vecchio
By Tom Fiorina

This Guide was last updated on 18 July 2013
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Domaine Comte Abbatucci

Address: Chiesale, Route D757, 20140 Casalabriva
Tel: 04 95 74 04 55  Fax: 04 95 74 26 39
Geo-coordinates:  Latitude: 41:46:16N (41.67991)    Longitude: 9:20:7E (9.33451) 

Pioneering biodynamist, amateur ampelographer (an expert on the identification and classification of grapevines), and the scion of a family of generals, diplomats and illustrious historical figures who counted Napoleon as their friend, Jean-Charles Abbatucci is one of the most colourful winemakers in the Ajaccio area. And biodynamic agriculture is not just for the grapes on the Domaine Comte Abbatucci; besides the 20ha of vineyards, the 100ha estate also has clementine oranges, vegetables, olive trees and sheep. From 1963 to 1976, Abbatucci’s father planted 18 rediscovered, ancient Corsican varieties, including Biancone, Carcajolo Bianco, Paga Debitte, Riminese and other unpronounceable names. He’s used this precious ampelographic treasure to produce two Collection Cuvée wines that honour his ancestors; the Cuvée Le Général to honour General Jean-Charles Abbatucci, a hero of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars, and the Cuvée Le Diplomate to honour Don-Jacques-Pascal Abbatucci, godson of Corsican Patriot and Leader Pascal Paoli and childhood friend of the Bonaparte brothers. You’ll also find an excellent 100% Vermentinu white, the Cuvée Faustine Blanc, with its stony minerality, as well as several reds and rosés. From May to late September, the domaine also offers camping, gîtes to rent, as well as a Ferme-Auberge restaurant that features, not only the estate’s wine, but its lamb and veal, biodynamic fresh vegetables and olive oil too.

Useful information: Ferme-Auberge open July to September 12.00-20.00. Otherwise visits by appointment.


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