France: Corsica

Southern Corsica

Wine regions of Ajaccio, Sartène, Figari and Porto-Vecchio
By Tom Fiorina

This Guide was last updated on 18 July 2013
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Domaine de Torraccia

Address: Lecci, 20137 Porto-Vecchio
Tel: 04 95 71 43 50  Fax: 04 95 71 50 03
Geo-coordinates:  Latitude: 41:40:47N (41.67964)    Longitude: 9:19:55E (9.33196) 

Christian Imbert of Domaine de Torraccia, located just west of Porto-Vecchio, brings an almost evangelical zeal to his love for Corsica and its wines. Since he came to the island in 1964 he has worked to improve the quality and typicity of Corsican wine. He created the group UVA Corse (uva means grape in Corsican) in 1971, serving as its president for more than 30 years. More of a philosophy than an association of winemakers, UVA Corse has helped to create awareness of the island’s different terroir, traditional Corsican grape varieties, and traditional grape growing and winemaking techniques. Imbert’s life story reads like a Hollywood script: 15 years in central Africa, living with the natives and exporting agricultural products; a first marriage to a dancer and theatre performer from New York City, grand-daughter of the American retail magnate Harry Gordon Selridge, Sr., who founded the British department store Selfridges and daughter of a French nobleman, the Vicomte Jacques de Sibour, who was also a famous World War I aviator; and finally creating a leading vineyard in the passionately insular Corsican environment. It’s worth a stop here just to chat with the octogenarian Imbert, who has not slowed down much. The domaine’s Cuvée Oriu (oriu means cache or stash in Corsican, a reference to the island’s infamous bandits who hid their money and arms in mountain caves) is a powerful, concentrated red that can be kept for up to 25 years. There’s also an Oriu white, a full-bodied Vermentinu with refreshing acidity and hints of citrus and jasmine, and an Oriu rosé, a blend of 80% Sciaccarellu and 20% Niellucciu, with a clean, firm taste, and notes of citrus, cherry and prune. None of the Torraccia wines are aged in oak, as Imbert considers the addition of oak to be uncharacteristic of traditional Corsican wine. Imbert has handed over most of the vineyard responsibility to his son Marc, who has worked in both Bordeaux and the Napa Valley.

Useful information: Tasting room open Monday – Saturday 09.00-12.00 and 15.00-18.00. English spoken.


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