France: Jura

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Salins les Bains to Poligny
By Wink Lorch

This Guide was last updated on 25 June 2014
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Food specialities

Poulet au Vin Jaune: chicken – if possible Bresse chicken, or a poularde (capon) cooked in a rich creamy sauce made with Vin Jaune and morel mushrooms. Drink with a traditional oxidative Savagnin if not Vin Jaune.

Truite au Vin Jaune: trout from the local streams cooked in a cream and Vin Jaune sauce.

Morteau/Mortadeau: quite strong-tasting pork sausages often cooked in white wine heated over vine-cuttings and served with boiled potatoes and sometimes Cancoillotte cheese. They bring out the best in a red/pink Poulsard.

Comté Cheese: a large hard cheese, similar to Gruyère, considered by many in France as an ordinary cooking cheese (like Cheddar in England). When a real Comté Fermier, with at least 12 months ageing, is tasted in the Jura the flavours bear no resemblance to ordinary cheese – it has a lovely texture and a nutty flavour. It is a perfect match with Vin Jaune in particular, but also works well with any Savagnin or other oxidative white.

Other Jura Cheeses: Morbier is a soft, relatively mild white cheese with a blue streak, originally from ash; Bleu de Gex is a mild blue from the Jura mountains near the Swiss border; Mont d'Or, a Vacherin also made across the border in Swiss Jura, and presented in its distinctive wooden box is delicious served hot from the oven - only available late August to March; Cancoillotte is a soft, creamy cheese, often served with boiled potatoes and pork. All these cheeses work well with Jura Chardonnay or Poulsard.

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