France: Languedoc Roussillon

Around Carcassonne

The wines of Cabardès, Malepère and Limoux
By Richard James and Paul Strang

This Guide was last updated on 26 April 2010
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Main towns and villages


You certainly can’t explore this region properly without staying in Carcassonne for a couple of days. The Medieval Cité may be overrun with visitors from all over the planet and have its share of correspondingly touristy, overpriced shops, but it’s still worth a leisurely walk around, especially off-season, inside and along the old walls. Must also be viewed from a suitable vantage point as you approach from the east, to capture its full ancient splendour! The rest of the city is also attractive and compact.


This quite lively town marks the real beginning of cassoulet country (see 'Food Specialities'), those hearty dishes made from duck and/or pork with white beans or lentils cooked in goose fat that South West France does so well.


The largest town before Quillan, Limoux isn’t that remarkable as a tourist destination although has a nice lived-in feel and an old town centre around the main square, Place de la République. It’s also full of Blanquette/Crémant de Limoux cellars so is a must for sparkling wine fans to visit.

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