France: Languedoc Roussillon

North and West of Perpignan

Côtes du Roussillon Villages, Rivesaltes and Maury
By Richard James

This Guide was last updated on 22 April 2010
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Food specialities

Boles de Picolat: pork and veal (or beef) meatballs flavoured with garlic, peppers, tomato and olives, which are ideal with a rich red Collioure or Côtes du Roussillon.

Poulet Catalan: chicken cooked with a tomato and spicy chilli pepper sauce, best served with a fruity red Côtes de Roussillon or full-bodied rosé.

Anchoïde: anchovy paste (anchovies are a Collioure speciality) flavoured with garlic, olive oil and herbs. A fruity Collioure rosé or dry Muscat is a refreshing match with anchoïde served on toast with apéritifs.

Tomme des Pyrenées: this cows' or ewes' milk cheese goes well with a Côtes du Roussillon dry white, supple red Collioure and even Banyuls or Rivesaltes.

Fruit: apricots and black cherries are a particular speciality of the Roussillon area and are often served with honey, another local delicacy.

Crème Catalane: cream-based dessert similar to crème brûlée, served hot or cold, flavoured with lemon, cinnamon and vanilla is best accompanied by a sweet fragrant Muscat.

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