France: Loire Valley

Around Angers

The birthplace of Chenin Blanc
By Jim Budd

This Guide was last updated on 19 April 2011
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Fête de la Rillaudée - Brissac-Quincé

Held over the first weekend of July. The rillaud is Anjou’s contribution to the charcuterie family of rillettes, rillons etc. (see 'Food Specialities'). It consists of fat pieces of pork (150 grams each) cooked in their own fat. Eaten warm or cold, it goes with just about any style of Anjou wine. There’s a rillaud competition – judged by food and wine professionals –and a big fair (food stands, crafts) spread out along the streets of Brissac. La Confrérie des Faiseux de Rillauds d'Anjou et du Brissac, the local brotherhood, hosts the festivities, parading through the town in medieval robes.


Marche aux Saveurs, Chemillé

In western Anjou this market takes place on a Sunday in mid-October. Some 50 producers of foie gras, cheese, charcuterie, snails, all manner of fruits and vegetables – show off their wares. There’s also music, theatre and games for children.

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La Fête de la Saint Maurice, Brissac-Quincé

Held over the last weekend of September. Big geese and garlic market.


Salon des Vins de Loire, Angers

Held at the Parc des Expositions and strictly for professionals in the wine business, this annual showcase for Loire wines takes place in the first week of February. Surprisingly it is France’s only annual regional wine trade fair and is a great chance to talk to producers and taste wines from the most recent vintages from all over the Loire without travelling vast distances.

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