France: Rhône Valley

Around Ampuis and Condrieu

The wines of Côte Rôtie, Condrieu and Saint Joseph
By John Wheeldon

This Guide was last updated on 08 August 2011
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Food specialities

Ravioles du Dauphiné: small delicate pasta parcels traditionally filled with Comté cheese and served with a creamy sauce. A white Saint Joseph accompanies them well.

Gâteau de foie: finely chopped chicken livers made into a type of terrine with eggs and seasoning, served warm usually with a tomato coulis. A red Saint Joseph matches this dish well.

Quenelles de brochet: mashed up pike formed into sausage shapes and poached, served with either a tomato based sauce or a creamy crayfish sauce. A good dry white Saint Joseph is an ideal partner.

Rigotte de Condrieu: goats’ cheese best enjoyed with a Condrieu (not too heavily oaked) or a Saint Joseph red.

Saint Félicien: a small, soft round cows' cheese from the Ardèche hills behind Saint Joseph. Try with a white Saint Joseph.

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