France: South West France

The Dordogne

The Wines of Bergerac, Duras, Marmande and Buzet
By Paul Strang

This Guide was last updated on 28 July 2011
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Food specialities

Périgord Truffle: this delicacy is often served in a no-frills omelette and is best matched with an off-dry white or a light red.

Foie gras of goose or duck: the classic combination when served as a cold starter or an aperitif is foie gras and a glass of any of the sweet or, better still, the semi-sweet wines of this micro-region. A local red accompanies pan-fried foie gras well.

Confit de canard: duck which has been cooked slowly and then preserved in its own fat. Usually served simply grilled with vegetables this dish needs a red with good acidity and tannin such as Pécharmant, Duras, Buzet or Côtes de Bergerac.

Rocamadour: goats' cheese combines nicely with a red Pécharmant or Bergerac, or if served simply with a salad or part of a picnic lunch a dry white such as a Côtes de Marmandais or dry white Bergerac is a good match.

Dordogne strawberries: a perfect match with Rosette.

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