France: South West France

Valleys of the Tarn and Lot

The wines of Cahors, Gaillac, Fronton and beyond
By Paul Strang

This Guide was last updated on 28 July 2011
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Domaine de Causse-Marines

Address: Le Causse, 81140 Vieux
Tel: 05 63 33 98 30  Fax: 05 63 33 96 23
Geo-coordinates:  Latitude: 43:59:38N (43.99375)    Longitude: 1:52:25E (1.87366) 

In the Gaillac AC, like many in France, grape varieties cannot be named on your labels. So Patrice Lescarret markets his lovely dry Mauzac as ‘Zacmau’ and his peppery Duras as ‘Rasdu’. He is an Ondenc fan too. The dessert whites are top quality and the prices start to climb fast with his rarest and sweetest.

Useful information: Some English spoken at a pinch; small groups welcome by appointment.


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