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About Wine Travel Guides

Wine Travel Guides was launched in 2007 and is owned by Wink Lorch, an experienced wine writer, editor and educator, based in the UK and France. She has assembled a professional team of wine and travel writers to provide and update the inside knowledge for the Guides and works with Ocean Design for site design and ongoing development. For more details, read below.



Wink Lorch: the inspiration for Wine Travel Guides

Wink Lorch is the creator, editor and owner of Wine Travel Guides. She has worked in wine for more than 25 years and also has experience in the book publishing world. As an independent traveller in the world’s wine regions, she has experienced the good, the bad, the frustrating and the truly rewarding.

Wink knew that from her regular trips to the Jura she could provide that essential insider view to travel in this unknown wine region and that other writers could no doubt do the same for the rest of France and beyond. The trick was to put it all together in one place.

Since its launch, Wink has been encouraged by the great comments from press, wine and travel industry colleagues and most importantly by users of the site. The website is in constant develpment and Wink has many plans for the future, not least of which is expanding the guides to cover other wine regions. Whilst we are busy doing this, you can already read about wine travel around the world on the Wine Travel Guides blog.

You can read more about Wink's background here. In the meantime, please contact Wink if you are interested in purchasing the site, brand and/or the domain names.


Writing Team

Our team of expert contributors provide the inside knowledge for the Guides.

Several of our contributors are published book authors.


Support Team

Web Design:

Charles Harford of Ocean Design worked with Wink throughout the creation of the Wine Travel Guides project. An experienced graphic designer as well as web site builder, he designed and built the site, including a complicated management database to store the Guides themselves. Charles continues to be involved in furthering the expansion and development, as well as the smooth running of the site.



Mick Rock of Cephas Picture Library is the source for the largest stock of wine photographs worldwide. Mick’s own pictures have been used for most of the Guides. Thanks are due also to Nigel Blythe and Ian Shaw for their pictures used on the banner at the top of each page.

Regional maps:

Andrew Thompson created the regional maps and the micro-region locator maps for each Guide. Andrew is a highly qualified and award-winning freelance geographer and cartographer with long experience working with wine book publishers among many other projects. He has a Masters in Engineering Geology, experience in many geography projects and most recently completed a Masters in Geographic Information Science at University College London.

Editorial Help:

Brett Jones aka The Wine Maestro is a wine educator and occasional wine merchant. As a fluent French speaker with years of experience in the wine trade, he offered support at many levels in the production of Wine Travel Guides. Among much else, he works hard to verify the exact location of wine producers for the Michelin interactive maps.

Lyn Parry is an experienced wine and travel book writer and editor based in France. She provided assistance in the early stages of producing the Guides.

Ian Charlton was in the right pub at the right time and had a few hours to spare. A highly qualified systems analyst, he managed the mundane task of inputting all the text for the Guides into the database, ensuring everything was in the right format.


Wink would like to thank all of the above for contributing to and supporting this project. Thanks are also due for editorial and other guidance to Mark Newman, Tom Stevenson, family members, friends and colleagues.


This information is provided free of charge, however it is strictly the copyright of Wine Travel Guides and its contributors. We try to do our best in keeping our guides and information up-to-date and accurate, but if you notice any mistakes, please contact us. Note that we take no responsibility for any inaccuracies. Thanks for your respect and understanding. For full details see our Terms and Conditions.