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The content and the layout are exemplary, attractive and informative - even for a long-term resident, let alone a prospective visitor...

David Ling, Hugel, Alsace

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Help and further information

If you need help or further information on any matter concerning this site or the Guides, please check the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) below first. If you do not find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.




All About Wine Travel Guides

Who is behind Wine Travel Guides?
Wine Travel Guides is personally owned by wine writer, Wink Lorch. She has worked with a team of expert contributors who have written the Guides. See About Us for more details.

What wine producing countries and regions does Wine Travel Guides cover?
We cover all the major wine regions of France as well as Tuscany in Italy and Rioja in Spain.

What is a micro-region Guide?
We have divided each wine region into smaller areas which we call micro-regions. Each Guide covers one micro-region. See About the Guides for more details.

When will Wine Travel Guides provide Guides to other countries and regions?
We will expand as and when we can. Please register to be kept informed.

What information is provided in the Guides?
The heart of each Guide is the selection of recommended wine producers to visit, places to stay, eat and shop, all backed up by basic information about the wines and local tourism. All our recommendations provide full contact details, GPS codes and a map. For more details, please see About the Guides.

Why do I have to pay for the PDF Guides?
Wine Travel Guides is a completely independent and privately owned website. All recommendations in the Guides are entirely independently selected (i.e. we accept no paid-for recommendations or sponsorships). So in order to pay for the running of the site and up-dating of the Guides we must charge a fee to print out the Guides, however, you can view everything in advance free on-line.

So, what advantages does Wine Travel Guides offer over buying a book?
Where do I start? By selecting a few micro-regions in different conventional wine regions, you can choose to buy and to download/print small bite-sized chunks covering exactly the area you are visiting - this saves paper and weight on your travels! Being on-line Guides they can be and are regularly updated with new and/or changed information. Any mistakes are major changes (a restaurant that has closed for example) are corrected usually within 48 hours of receiving the information. We guarantee to update each Guide at least once a year. Using our guides, you can plan your wine tour in detail and using the GPS codes or the maps, you can plan your routes.

Can I view a sample before I buy a PDF Guide?
Yes, when you register, you can view and download a PDF of a complete sample Guide.

All About Registration

Why should I register on the site?
When you register you can view and download the free sample PDF Guide. You will also receive occasional offers and updates from Wine Travel Guides by email.

What information do you require for registration?
We just need your name together with a current, valid email address and a password of your choosing.

What will you do with my information?
The information will be kept on our database and we will only use it to send you occasional emails. See our privacy policy for details. We are registered with the UK Data Protection Act.

How will my email address be used?
We will send you occasional emails with subscription offers and updates when anything significant has been added or changed on the site.

How do I know that you won’t sell my email address?
Please believe us that we will not do this. See our privacy policy for details.

How often will I receive emails from Wine Travel Guides?
Generally a few times a year. We are considering launching a month newsletter, but you can always unsubscripe from our mailings.

All About Buying PDFs and Gold Membership

Why should I buy PDF Guides?

Simply put, you will then be able to save on your own computer and print out an attractive guide rather than having to look at up to 40 pages on-line to view everything in just one guide!

How do I buy the PDF Guides?

Either select your guides from the regional pages, which you can find in the drop-down menu list on the top menu, then click on Buy PDF or in any guide of your choice, simply click on one of the Buy PDF links. You will see your basket updated on the left-hand side and you can view your basket at any time. When you buy more than one PDF Guide you will automatically receive a discount (10% for 2 or 3 guides; 20% for 4 or more guides). Note that if you want to buy 7 or more guides, you would be better off Buying the annual Gold Membership and then you can enjoy other advantages too.

What is the advantage of Buying Gold Membership?
Gold Membership gives access to download and print all the Guides at any time whilst your membership is current. It’s the ideal choice if you are planning more than one trip during the year, and also if you would like simply to browse through many of the guides off-line and print certain pages for your own personal research. Most importantly, you have access to the most recently updated guides, so if you are a Gold Member be sure to check the date of the last update, which is shown on each Guide page. You will also have immediate access to any new guides we add during the time your membership is current. And finally, we are working on a range of extra membership benefits including discounts on other travel and wine websites.

Currency - UK Pounds/US Dollars/Euro
We work in UK pounds sterling, however, you can use the converter on the left-hand menu to give you an approximate indication of the price in US Dollars or Euros. When you come to pay, if you choose to pay in US Dollars or Euros, the price will not be exact as it will be the current exchange rate used by WorldPay, our secure server partner.

How do I pay for my Purchases?
Once you have clicked checkout in your basket, you will be ask to register (if not already registered) and to supply your full address details if this is your first purchase. You will then be directed to our secure server, WorldPay for on-line payment. They accept a large range of debit and credit cards. At present we cannot accept Amex or Diners cards.

How do I know that payment on-line is safe?
WorldPay is a well-known secure-payment trader. Why not visit the WorldPay website for reassurance.

Can I pay you other than on-line?
If you do not wish to pay on-line, we may be able to accept your payment by debit or credit card over the phone. Exceptionally, we will accept a cheque. Please contact us for further information.

I have a discount code offer. How do I use it?
On the Gold Membership page, type in the code in the box after ‘If you have a promotional code please enter it here’, then click ‘apply promotion’. The price for membership should automatically change to the special offer, discounted price. Thereafter follow the instructions to join.

How long does Gold Membership last?
Gold Membership lasts 12 months, so you can download a PDF at any time during this period. Consult the Guides regularly and you will always access the most recent changes to the guides. You will also be able to download PDFs for any new micro-region guides we add during the year.

Login Problems

I've forgotten which email I used to register. What do I do?
Please contact us giving the first and last name that you used to register - we should be able to help.

I've forgotten my password. What do I do?
On the registration page, click the link 'Forgotten your password' and it will be automatically emailed to the email address you registered with.

Member problems

I'm a member, but I can't access the Guides. What do I do?
First, make sure that you are logged in. Once you are logged in you are taken to My Guides where you will see instructions how to access the Guides. If you still can't access the Guides, please contact us.

All About Gift Memberships

How do Gift memberships work?
If you are not already registered or a member (formerly subscriber), you must register first (use your own name, not that of the gift recipient). Go to the Gift membership page here. When you checkout, you will be asked to give the name of the gift recipient, and if you want, their email address and a personal message to them. Once you have paid through our secure server, we will email you automatically with a link to a personalised Gift Membership Voucher containing details on how the recipient should activate the membership using their unique gift code. If you have selected for us to email the recipient, they will also receive this email together with your personal message (it comes separately from the confirmation of payment emails). If you prefer to present the voucher personally to the recipient, simply click on the link in the email and print out the voucher that appears. Your recipient must activate their gift membership within one month of you buying the gift – the date limit is shown on the voucher.

I have a discount code offer. How do I use it?
On the Gifts page, type in the code in the box after ‘If you have a promotional code please enter it here’, then click ‘Enter’. The price should automatically change to the special offer, discounted price. Thereafter follow the instructions to purchase.

I’m a member and want to buy a Gift membership. How do I do it?
Login first and then go to the Gifts page. See above ‘How do Gift memberships work’ for more details.

I do not want to purchase PDF guides or membership, but want to buy a Gift membership for someone else. How do I do it?
You must register first and use your own name to do so, not that of the gift recipient. Then go to the Gifts page, choose Gold membership and follow the instructions. See above ‘How do Gift memberships work’ for more details.

I want to give the Gift Membership personally to the recipient? Can I do this?
Yes you can. In the buying process, just give us their name and not their email address. We will then email you the link to the Gift Certificate voucher for you to print out and present to them. See above ‘How do Gift memberships work’ for more details.

All About Using the Guides

Do you have any specific tips on using the Guides?
We suggest that you view and maybe print the article ‘Make the most’ of Wine Travel Guides, which can be accessed once you are registered or subscribed from My Guides.

How do I print out the Guides?
The neatest way to print is to download the PDF version and to print from that. You must purchase individual PDF guides first, or be a Gold member who can access all the current PDF guides.

How often does Wine Travel Guides update the Guides?
We update them as needed according to changed recommendations or updated information received from the contributors. We usually do a thorough check and update at least once every 15-18 months. Any closed restaurants or mistakes that we discover (please tell us, we try not to have any!), will be updated and rectified as quickly as possible.

Can I include part or all of a Guide on my website?
No, all our guides are covered by copyright laws, so this is not permitted. You will be breaking the law if you do. See our Terms and Conditions under Proprietary Rights.

What is to stop me forwarding PDF files of the Guides to my friends?
We cannot stop you doing this, but you will be breaking the law if you do. See our Terms and Conditions under Proprietary Rights. Why not support our efforts and encourage your friends to purchase PDF guides or become a Gold Member?

All About Recommendations in the Guides

How does Wine Travel Guides choose who to recommend in the Guides?           
The contributors for the site have a complete free rein on which wine producers, places to stay, eat and shop to choose. They are given a brief, which gently suggests that the wine producers should not only have good wines to taste, but should be welcoming to (or they should say so in the description!). They are also asked to give a selection of places to stay and eat in different styles/price categories. We limit the numbers listed so as not to end up like other websites, giving long meaningless lists of everything! For more details see About the Guides.

Do you provide full contact details of those recommended?
Yes, we give address, phone and fax numbers, plus email address if available for all the recommendations in the Guides. We also give the GPS codes to help you find them!

Do you provide website links of those recommended?
Yes, if the recommended wine producer, or place to stay, eat or shop, or even attraction has a website, we will give you the link, which will open in a new window.

I’m a wine producer/hotel/restaurant. How can I get my website recommended by Wine Travel Guides?
All our recommendations are entirely independently chosen by the contributor responsible for each Guide – we deem them to be the real specialists in each micro-region. We suggest that you try to get to know this contributor and encourage them to visit you. If you do want to be put in touch with a contributor, then please contact us. Please note that we limit the number of recommendations in each Guide very strictly and the selection is entirely the personal choice of each contributor.

How often does Wine Travel Guides update/check recommendations?
We try to check and update all of them once a year. If you see anything incorrect, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All About Our Links

How does Wine Travel Guides select who to list in the links page?
The links are a personal selection of websites that we hope might be particularly useful and/or relevant to Wine Travel Guides visitors. We don’t want to end up as a link farm, but rather we would like to see the Links page as a useful added resource to our site.

Does Wine Travel Guides accept reciprocal links?
No we don’t specifically for the reasons you will see just above. Having said that, sometimes we might be interested to have a reciprocal link, providing we like your site and think it is relevant, and if we are allowed to write something personal about it rather than using the ‘blurb’ that’s given to us.

Do you recommend everyone on the links page?
Yes, in as far as they are all sites we’ve visited and/or services we’ve used and think they might be useful to Wine Travel Guides visitors.

This information is provided free of charge, however it is strictly the copyright of Wine Travel Guides and its contributors. We try to do our best in keeping our guides and information up-to-date and accurate, but if you notice any mistakes, please contact us. Note that we take no responsibility for any inaccuracies. Thanks for your respect and understanding. For full details see our Terms and Conditions.