France: Alsace

South of Colmar

The wines of the Haut-Rhin from Turckheim to Guebwiller
By Sue Style

This Guide was last updated on 14 March 2011
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Pierre Frick

Address: 5 Rue Baer, 68250 Pfaffenheim
Tel: 03 89 49 62 99  Fax: 03 89 49 73 78
Geo-coordinates:  Latitude: 47:59:1N (47.98370)    Longitude: 7:17:13E (7.28695) 

The Fricks are pioneers among Alsace growers, converting to organic in 1970 and biodynamic in 1982. "People thought we were crazy then", recalls Jean-Pierre with a wry smile, "but now look - in the past five years alone, at least 26 domaines in Alsace have converted to la biodynamie." Recently the domaine abandoned cork in favour of crown caps. Frick wines are never chaptalized (a rarity in these parts), and yields are low (maximum 55ha/hl and often significantly less, while the Alsace average is a dismaying 85-90 hl/ha). His Sylvaner, ordinarily a thin acidic wine, manages to muster masses of fruit. Pinot Gris, even in a heatwave year like 2003, is firm and fruity with no flab, while Gewurztraminer is discreetly spicy, never blowsy or overblown. Tastings have a nice way of developing into eco-philosophical discussions (in French), way beyond the simple confines of winemaking.

Useful information: Some English spoken.


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